I’m a multimedia artist and visual communicator with a love for strange tools, magic worlds and the mundane specifics of the everyday. I live and work in Malmö, Sweden.

I have a BA in Visual Communication from Malmö University (2018) and have been working freelance since 2016. My commissioned work spans from video production, art direction and photography to animation, merchandise and poster design. I have a fondness for traditional crafts, often incorporating paper, drawing, and printing techniques to add texture and a tactile feel to the overall aesthetics.

In addition to my commercial work I like to produce comics. The comic medium allows me to explore storytelling, character design, and visual composition, without the limitations of reality. I attended Serieskolan in Malmö 2022-2023 and my comics have since then been featured in publications such as Ce’st Bon Anthology and Pondus magazine. The comics that don't end up in papers or books often end up as self-produced fanzines, just because I love printed goods.

For me, the essence of a story lies in its theme and atmosphere, rather than the medium. I always strive to create something that is not only visually captivating, but also contains genuine and personal qualities that the reader can relate to - whether it’s a comic, a print or a video.

When I’m not doing commissioned work I like to make music, paint with gouache and capture family life through my analog cameras.
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