Multidisciplinary artist and visual communicator based in Malmö, Sweden
Born 1995.


Design & print

I started out as a photographer and later moved into video work, illustration and design. I have a BA in Visual Communication from Malmö University (2018) and have been working freelance since 2016. Mainly within the music industry - producing videos, artwork, visual identities, press photos and merchandise.

I also enjoy making comics and attended Serieskolan in Malmö (Kvarnby) in 2022-2023. My comics have been featured in publications such as Pondus and C’est Bon Anthology, as well as in many self-produced fanzines.

I occasionally teach and hold workshops; in 2018-2019 at Malmö Yrkeshögskola and again in 2020 for Musik I Syd. 

My favourite part of any project is dreaming up a storyworld and making it come alive trough color, texture, unexpected details and quirkyness.

Notable clients & features include Roxette, Galantis, Gyllene Tider, Sara Parkman, Nadja Evelina, Laser & Bas, Warner Music, GAFFA, Bon Magazine, Italians Do It Better and Rich Parents Music.


  1. Smiling
  2. Gyllene Tider
  3. Elin Vallin
  4. Nadja Evelina
  5. Ture
  6. Clara Summerton
  7. Roxette
  8. Roxette X Alle Farben
  9. Feverish
  10. Sara Parkman
  11. Benz
  12. Wilma Nea
  13. Coral 
  14. Elsa Carmona
  15. Mary Anne’s Polar Rig
  16. Stainwasher
  17. Spunsugar

My collaboration with Smiling began in 2019 and their second album Politely. At the time me and my husband were running a combined record label and production studio and wanted to help the band build a world around their music

On Politely we started by filming a video to the album’s main single Windowsill. The single then got a matching cover photo portraying a window from my mother’s dollhouse, which also acted as the setting for the rest of the artwork.

Stills from Windowsill. Watch the video here.

In 2021 the band relased a set of two EPs - Not Rock & Rock. I created illustrated artwork for both EPs and all of their singles, as well as a four page comic based on the single Sunny Days In Spain. The single Bugs also got a simple video in the form of behind the scenes footage from our press photo shoot.

Read the Sunny Days In Spain comic below.

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